Monday, May 6, 2013

Spinning in Korea

My coteacher and I decided to sign up for some classes at a gym just a couple blocks down, and our first class we attended was a Spinning class. This is not your normal spin class.

Instead of adjusting the tension level on your bike, your butt is off the seat basically the entire time. We would do some sort of choreographed biking that includes butt slapping, chin grabbing (like Psy), and snapping, with our butts off the seat, then we would rest for less than a minute, sip some water, then get back to it. To make it even better, there are flashing lights and a disco ball to keep you feeling motivated. I almost felt like a K-pop star. Remixed K-pop music is blasting in your ears and we borrow some moves the from the music videos in our choreographed spinning.

It wasn't the workout I was expecting, but I definitely sweat a lot, and am totally going back.

Friday, April 19, 2013


Welp, I'm teaching a kindergarten now and never in my life have I seen so many children pick their nose and try to eat their boogers. When I call them out on it, they hide under the desk and tell me they're looking for their eraser, or they put their other hand in front of their nose as if their hand not in the nose makes them invisible. 

I'm working at a private kindergarten school in the Mokdong area, which is a pretty well off neighborhood and the area that it's in is super residential and super cute with children and families walking around everywhere. 

The kindergarten kids I have are so much smarter than some of my oldest elementary school and middle school kids I had back in Inje. I found it a little difficult at first to teach them. I was used to teaching older kids, so when they did something wrong, I would talk with them and sometimes scold. However when a five year old with higher English skills did something stupid, I forgot that these kids are still essentially toddlers. But these kids are seriously the bee's knees. One of my favorites, Maisy is the only girl in my Pink class who likes to yell "You're a princess!" during class, which is amazing, and sometimes she'll refer to me as "Arazue Teacher Princess" which I love. In my other kindy class, Purple class, I have Kevin. Who is amazing and he looks like a chubbier Russell from the movie, 'Up'. Pictures to be posted soon... as soon as BLOGSPOT decides to let me post more. 

Despite the cuteness of all the kindergarten kids, these kids are nasty and germy (as are all kids) but man I was not used to this, or ready for this. They forget to wash their hands, may or may not poop or pee their pants, and my GAWD they love to pick their nose. Several times I have had to blow kids noses for them (AKA hold the tissue to their snotty nose as they blow) which I never EVER saw myself doing. Today I had a kid with a runny/bloody nose. Oh the HORROR.

So all's good in the land of kimchi, kpop and amazing socks. 

and P.S. do NOT listen to anything happening about North Korea. They are cray cray and anyone who believe they are actually going to do anything is equally cray cray and gullible. The media in North America is hyping everything up, per usual.

noise like falling off porches

Some of you know how I have been dreaming of creating a music blog, well folks, my dream has finally come true! My dear friend Connor has joined in on this collaboration and it's great. It's nothing special, we both just post (hopefully lesser known) music that we both like. We both share similar music tastes, but also have different ears so there's a wide spectrum of what to expect.

PLEASE check it out... maybe you'll see something you haven't heard before. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't. Regardless, check it out.

If you missed that link it's RIGHT HERE too. Sorry if it's taboo to be posting a tumblr link on blogspot. Whoops.

Also, Music Mondays will no longer be happening, since it's music EVERY DAY at

Enough shameless self promotion. I'm out.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Plastic Surgery in Korea

My first weekend in Korea was interesting... I went under the knife. Well, not really. I got laser hair removal surgery, which was weird. My coteacher and I were talking about it and she called a place so we decided to check it out. Our curiosity got the best of us when we realized we had actually set up an appointment for a consultation and the procedure. No one really spoke English, but the place looked really fancy and the price was great! For 5 sessions of underarm hair removal it cost us a whopping 30,000 won (a little less than $30). What a steal! I heard people paying $80 per session, and you need minimum 5 to 6 sessions for it to actually make any lasting effect.

So yeah... that's what I did my first weekend in Seoul. I'm sorry for this awkward, rushed post. It's a Friday night and I'm in a hurry. But I highly recommend this article about Korea and it's idea of beauty. It's super interesting and sad. Read it HERE. After reading this article I walk around noticing the high amount of women and men who have had plastic surgery. The eye widening is definitely the most popular.

Monday, April 8, 2013

My Life in SEOUL


Some of you may know those, some of you might not, but I'm back in Korea, but this time I'm out of the boonies and in the big bad city of SEOUL! I didn't get my visa or my actual ticket until less than 48 hours before I took off so I truly apologize to those who didn't get to hear it from me in person.
 I'll try to quickly summarize my last month here. So far, I love it here. I live in an awesome location with few (I've only seen 2 others) foreigners in the neighborhood, and it's full of noraebangs and Korean restaurants I have yet to check out. I really like my school too. I work at a kindergarten hagwon (private school) with a bunch of Burberry wearing cuties, and in the afternoon I teach elementary kids. My apartment is twice the size of my last, which isn't saying much, but I love it.

I've been able to back to my roots, the wonderful town of Inje which was absolutely amazing to see some of my best friends and family. My friend Connor and I surprised the crew down there and it was an epic night. I also had my first sauna experience in Inje. A sauna in Korea is what it sounds like, a sauna with hot and cold pools, showers, and an old woman who will scrub your body down for a fee. Growing up in western culture, nudity was not a very common thing, but nooo not in Korea. After a short panic attack and a lot of talking to myself I stripped down and hustled in quickly and was greeting by two naked woman and a baby. I also ran into the woman who worked at the local Paris Baguette who told me about the tasty mineral water in the sauna.

This weekend I'm going on a biking tour in another province to check out the cherry blossoms so I'm stoked about that. I can't believe a month has already gone by... city life goes by so much faster! I'm working on a new blog since I can't post anymore pictures, but I'll try to update this in the meantime (and make it more exciting!)

However, I do have a new collaboration blog with my dear friend Connor. It's a music blog, something we are passionate about, and something I've been wanting to do for a very long time. So if you're interested in hearing new music check it out! Here it is!

Sorry for the boring update, talk to you soon! BIBIMBAPPIN AROUND TOWN IS BACK.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Thursday Schmursday

This is actually an unofficial Music Monday post that isn't on Monday. I really want to share this video with the world. It is amazing. Great song too.

One word: SWAG.
Two more: Thom Yorke.