Friday, April 19, 2013


Welp, I'm teaching a kindergarten now and never in my life have I seen so many children pick their nose and try to eat their boogers. When I call them out on it, they hide under the desk and tell me they're looking for their eraser, or they put their other hand in front of their nose as if their hand not in the nose makes them invisible. 

I'm working at a private kindergarten school in the Mokdong area, which is a pretty well off neighborhood and the area that it's in is super residential and super cute with children and families walking around everywhere. 

The kindergarten kids I have are so much smarter than some of my oldest elementary school and middle school kids I had back in Inje. I found it a little difficult at first to teach them. I was used to teaching older kids, so when they did something wrong, I would talk with them and sometimes scold. However when a five year old with higher English skills did something stupid, I forgot that these kids are still essentially toddlers. But these kids are seriously the bee's knees. One of my favorites, Maisy is the only girl in my Pink class who likes to yell "You're a princess!" during class, which is amazing, and sometimes she'll refer to me as "Arazue Teacher Princess" which I love. In my other kindy class, Purple class, I have Kevin. Who is amazing and he looks like a chubbier Russell from the movie, 'Up'. Pictures to be posted soon... as soon as BLOGSPOT decides to let me post more. 

Despite the cuteness of all the kindergarten kids, these kids are nasty and germy (as are all kids) but man I was not used to this, or ready for this. They forget to wash their hands, may or may not poop or pee their pants, and my GAWD they love to pick their nose. Several times I have had to blow kids noses for them (AKA hold the tissue to their snotty nose as they blow) which I never EVER saw myself doing. Today I had a kid with a runny/bloody nose. Oh the HORROR.

So all's good in the land of kimchi, kpop and amazing socks. 

and P.S. do NOT listen to anything happening about North Korea. They are cray cray and anyone who believe they are actually going to do anything is equally cray cray and gullible. The media in North America is hyping everything up, per usual.


  1. Arr! I hoped it was just American media getting us all Cray about North Korea! stay safe love bug and coming from Boston today I completely agree the media does nothing but terrify all of us into thinking everything is worse than it is!

  2. Hi! I'm going to be working at Inje English Village starting in March and I wanted to ask you some questions about life there and work and stuff. I commented on Andrew's blog and haven't heard back yet, haha. If you get this would you email me?